The School of Etiquette offers a carefully curated range of courses that develop future-fit individuals, leaders and companies.

With the growing demands of digital transformation, role dexterity and project agility, individuals will learn the key soft skills to remain relevant and successful in the face of growing demands and pressure during this digital transformation and changing economic climate.

Specializing in high-level human performance, The School of Etiquette provides individuals and companies with a paved way to reach the next level of aptitude and social mastery. Our courses continue to cater to captains of industry, middle and senior management, and new workplace entrants looking for refinement in workplace readiness.

Our courses focus on improving the individual in 3 particular areas- Behaviour, Communication, and Personal Presentation.  The three areas that refine the personal brand and impact of an individual and their company.

Improve Your Skills

The skills learned through our courses are not skills that one is born with, they are skills that have to be learned and refined over time. Giving yourself or your staff the opportunity to learn offers you a chance to fast-track your growth and performance; and your company’s.


Our courses are facilitated by long-time experts in their respective fields, ensuring that your teams receive international, cutting-edge information that ensures they not only surge ahead in Africa but in the rest of the world.  In fact, The School of Etiquette invests so heavily in its own facilitators that it is considered a global leader in course content and diversity. “The School of Etiquette is the gold standard of etiquette.” K Purscell- Owner ‘Etiquette Matters’

These courses range between 1-4 days with follow up sessions taking place at the discretion of the company and/or the facilitator.

Trainings can either be facilitated in-house or at one of our preferred training venues: Fairlawns Boutique Hotel or MESH Club.

The School of Etiquette’s courses are run as fun, practical workshops where each individual is encouraged to get involved and learn through practical implementation.  

In the words of Dale Carnegie, “Learning is an active process.  We learn by doing. Only knowledge that is used sticks in your mind.”- Dale Carnegie

Please feel free to peruse our variety of courses for the best suited course, alternatively you may suggest topics and a course can be customised according to your needs.

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Flagship Progammes

580 - graduate

Graduate Development & Workplace Readiness Programme

Designed to build the competency levels of your graduates much faster by enhancing their behaviour, communication and image to align with the company identity and brand. This workplace readiness programme ensures the successful transition from university to the corporate world, giving your graduates the confidence to interact with people and focus on the job at hand instead of second-guessing their behaviour… Read More

Leadership Development & Grooming

The School of Etiquette’s Leadership Development Programme is designed to enable your leaders to understand and shape the impact that their behaviour has on their environment and the people around them… Read More

International Diplomacy & Protocol Advanced Masterclass

If so, are you observing the correct behaviour and protocols that will facilitate those interactions to a successful conclusion? In The School of Etiquette’s intensive 4-day International Diplomacy and Protocol Advanced Masterclass, you will learn.. Read More

adult finishing school - home page

Adult/ Executive's Finishing School

The Adult Finishing School is Africa’s most prestigious adult development course, teaching individuals strategic high-level human behaviour to help them increase their social and financial success… Read More

International Etiquette & Protocol Consultant Train-The-Trainer Programme

The School of Etiquette, a globally renowned training institute, brings you the most comprehensive Train-the-trainer Programme from across the globe. We offer you the opportunity to invest in a full package that will help you.. Read More


International Business Etiquette

In today’s world, many people may possess intelligence and technical ability but lack the social intelligence to highlight it. In a study done by Harvard University, The Carnegie Foundation, and the Stanford Research Institute all three found that.. Read More

Image of a laughing cheery smiling young teenage girl outside in park listening music with headphones holding mobile phone showing tongue.

Teen Finishing School

Invest in your teen’s future by arming them with the social confidence, polish and moral compass that will guide them through their life’s journey successfully. This will ensure they are better equipped to achieve their goals and surge ahead of their peers, giving them the competitive boost to shine in every situation… Read More

The Captivating Speaker

It can be frustrating knowing that you can make a difference and inspire others if only people would listen to you. Public speaking is one of the most fundamental skills attributed to your success in life. Unfortunately few people ever fully develop this unique skill .. Read More


Conversational Intelligence Masterclass

In the blink of an eye, you get ‘triggered’ causing you to go into ‘protect’ mode. The result is you stop listening to each other, you become entrenched in your thinking and you can’t see the other’s point of view… Read More

Virtual Meeting Etiquette

Are you struggling to run efficient video conferences? Is a one-hour meeting turning into a three-hour disaster? Are your team members speaking over one another in a teleconference? Do your staff simply have no idea how to run a professional meeting?.. Read More

Entertaining & Dining

Learn how to effortlessly and elegantly host a dining occasion whilst you navigate yourself impeccably around a table with ease, remaining engaged and charming. It is one feat to be socially engaging, but a victory to split attention between food and conversation masterfully.. Read More

Micro Expression and Body Language

According to a study conducted by Albert Mehrabian, communication is broken down to – 55% body language, 38% tone and 7% words. This means that 93% of all communication is nonverbal. In business, communication is critical.. Read More

Email & Telephone Etiquette

The Telephone & Email Etiquette Course focus’ on the critical role individuals play in building customer loyalty and creating positive customer service experiences.

The course is appropriate for receptionists and call centre staff.. Read More


Service Etiquette & Professional Behaviour

Did you know that 75% of a buying experience is based on how you made your client feel, not on the product or service you delivered?.. Read More

Secretaries Etiquette

The School of Etiquette, a globally renowned training institute, brings you the most comprehensive Train-the-trainer Programme from across the globe. We offer you the opportunity to invest in a full package that will help you.. Read More

Workplace Readiness

Are your interns, candidates, and graduates suffering from a lack of professional exposure, limited knowledge of the business environment, or underdeveloped interpersonal or soft skills? In other words, do they need Workplace Readiness?.. Read More

Additional Services

Keynote Speaches

The School of Etiquette is pleased to exclusively present top-rated keynote speakers and trainers on a variety of topics. Our Keynote Speakers are able to capture the essence of your meeting or conference, in order to highlight it to your audience in a short period of time.. Read More

Tailor-Made Course

Research has shown that a company’s culture – its personality, its DNA – is the greatest predictor of long-term sustainability. Its culture derives from the leadership in particular and the employees of the organization.. Read More

Protocol Consultant Duties & High-level Events Coordination

The protocol is the fine art and science of facilitating events for people of different cultures and levels of precedence. This allows you to find a common purpose, engage strategic and sensitive issues, and create relationships.. Read More