The School of Etiquette is a thought leader in Africa and around the world on Behaviour, Politics, Image and Workplace Transformation.

Press Mentions have been made from interviews on every major South African radio station, newspaper, magazine and news broadcast station, the lecturers of The School of Etiquette are often called upon to comment on a diverse range of topics.  

Why are we called to speak?

You see etiquette underpins human behaviour.  

Etiquette can be defined as ‘the fine art of getting along with people’ which is interwoven deeply into each one of our lives.  

How you get along with people affects how you:

  • Make friends
  • Find a life partner
  • Get a job
  • Get promoted in a job
  • Harness business opportunities
  • Win a contract over another company
  • Find following and fanship in politics
  • Create leadership and trust
  • Get along with the new people you meet every day
  • Conduct seamless customer service
  • Increase sales
  • Present yourself and your company

Many people believe etiquette to be outdated when today, it is more necessary than ever before. It affects your life in immeasurable ways with many of our students reporting positive results which they never believed possible before. In fact etiquette is critical to personal and professional success.  

Our team brings together knowledge from all across the globe specialising in human behaviour and social dynamics.  In fact there is no other organisation in Africa that offers such specialised expertise in this field.

Here is just a quick list of prominent Press Mentions that have made use of our knowledge:

Sunday Times, CNBC Africa, The Star, Times Live, e-News, Destiny Magazine, Destiny Man Magazine, Daily Maverick, 702 Talk radio, Glamour Magazine and Voice of America.

These are but a few press houses that have made use of our global knowledge but please take this opportunity to read through some of the articles published.

If you require any opinions on current affairs or short and fun lessons for your tv shows, please feel free to contact us.


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