The School of Etiquette’s highest-rated course

We have taught over 1 000 corporate executives in the Conversational Intelligence Masterclass

This course has the ability to:

  • Transform a company’s culture
  • Restore trust in broken relationships
  • Improve leadership capabilities
  • Improve Organisational agility and digital relevance
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Increase employee retention and happiness levels
  • Improve manager and employee relations
  • Improve the quality of your conversations in your marriage
  • Improve your relationships with your children

Welcome to the Conversational Intelligence Masterclass.
A course designed to help you:

  • Understand the impact your conversations have on the brains and feelings of other people.
  • Structure your conversations to meet the outcome you would like.
  • Build and strengthen relationships with ease.

You will learn how to use your conversations to build trust making people want to –

  • Listen to you when you speak
  • Follow you when you lead

In this course, you will learn the essence of what makes for a good conversation and how to better connect with others building greater trust and collaboration.

Trust is the conduit for strong leadership, stewardship and mentorship.

Compared with people at low-trust companies, people at high-trust companies report: 106% more energy at work, 50% higher productivity, 174% less stress, 76% more engagement, 29% more satisfaction with their lives, and are 23% more likely to offer more ideas and solutions.

To add, companies with high trust levels outperform companies with low trust levels by 186%. The statistics indicate that high-trust organizations foster innovation, high performance and greater relevance.

In a digital age, that interrupts the original notion of human connection and communication, a high-trust culture is the cornerstone of successful digital relevance, company transformation and most importantly, longevity.

A new field of research, Conversational Intelligence, explores the correlation between the words we speak and the impact they have on the brains of others – how they listen, how they react and most importantly, how they are able to innovate in this fast-paced hi-tech world.

Conversational Intelligence teaches people how to structure their conversations to build trust that fosters innovation, inclusivity, creativity, and strategy – key catalysts for agile and high-performing companies.

  • Neurochemistry of Conversations

  • Neuroscience behind Influence & Trust

  • How and why conversations miss the mark leading to conflict and mistrust

  • Measuring the impact of different conversations on the brains of others

  • Identifying your personal conversational style

  • Moving from Fear & Distrust to Trust

  • The brain’s subconscious response to threat

  • Understanding ‘Good’ & ‘Bad’ Conversation

  • Techniques for building TRUST with clients & colleagues

  • Framework for shaping organisational culture

  • Praise and Giving Intelligent Feedback

  • Disarming Techniques
    Priming and Preparing for a Difficult Conversation

Potential Benefits to Your Organisation:


  • Relationships between leaders, managers and teams
  • Relationships amongst clients and employees
  • Delivery and acceptance of feedback
  • KPI structure and delivery
  • Communication between people in organisation
  • Team and organisational culture
  • Sense of psychological safety in the workplace
  • Transformational Sales Conversations

Benefits to Personal life

  • Improved conversational style
  • Less arguments
  • More solutions to ongoing challenges