Do you envision your child:

  • Exuding confidence and self-assurance?
  • Embracing challenges with a growth mindset, learning from setbacks, and growing in resilience?
  • Navigating social pressures with courage and integrity, making decisions aligned with their values?
  • Feeling empowered and in control of their life’s direction?

In today’s world, where social media and evolving social dynamics present new challenges that we, as parents, sometimes struggle to relate to, nurturing our children’s personal and social development is paramount.


As our children confront a rapidly changing landscape filled with anxiety-inducing pressures, it’s crucial to equip them with the life skills necessary to thrive. Without these tools, they may find themselves vulnerable to teasing, bullying, succumbing to negative peer influence or simply not feeling ‘good’ enough.


The Teen Finishing School is a transformative four-week training program designed to set your children on a path to a well-adjusted and successful future. During the programme, they’ll develop their emotional intelligence, instill positive daily habits, and cultivate behaviours that enhance their happiness levels.


Invest in your teen’s future by arming them with the social confidence, polish and moral compass that will guide them through their life’s journey successfully. This will ensure they are better equipped to achieve their goals and surge ahead of their peers, giving them the competitive boost to shine in every situation.

The workshops cover the topics noted below, as well as many more:

  • How to boost their Self Esteem
  • Goal Setting & Circle of Excellence
  • Deportment- How to walk, sit, stand
  • Body Language
  • Appropriate wear
  • How to Confidently make New Friends and get along with people better
  • Small Talk Topics
  • How to start a conversation and excuse yourself politely
  • Greeting People
  • Eye Contact & Handshaking
  • Social Media Etiquette
  • Dining Manners
  • and much more…

Intrinsic Development

  • Self-esteem & Personal Mastery
  • Growth Mindset
    The Power of Goal Setting
  • Circle of Excellence
  • The Power of Visualisation & Affirmations

Social Mastery

  • Deportment – how to walk, sit and stand
  • Clothing & Personal Presentation
  • Culture: Learning about different South African cultures and respect


  • How to Make Friends and Build Connection First Impressions
  • How to Make an Entrance
  • How to Socialise and Mingle
  • Choosing & Joining a group

Manners & Respect

  • How to Dine Correctly: Formal, African, Asian Everyday Manners


  • Start a Conversation and Finish it Politely Greeting People + Eye Contact + Handshakes
  • Body Language & Deportment
  • Social Media Etiquette Cell Phone Etiquette
Our final question to you:
“Are you willing to forgo these invaluable gifts that pave the way for your children’s success and independence?”
Open Class Pricing: R5 400-00

One-on-one Coaching (Virtual or In-person): R800-00/hour