Your Receptionists and secretaries are responsible for your client’s first impression of your organisation. The responsibility to manage the company’s brand experience rests heavily on their shoulders.

Whether a client calls, emails or walks in for a meeting, your receptionists and secretaries play a critical role in establishing the professionalism and calibre of your organisation within those first key seconds.

The Receptionist and Secretary Etiquette course offers your staff an opportunity confidently interact and shape their behaviour in line with your company’s identity and professionalism.

Outcomes of the Course:

  • Creating Professional Appeal
  • First Impression Control
  • Greeting Clients
  • Personal Presentation
  • Image & Make-up 
  • Body Language & Deportment 
  • Language Engineering
  • Showing clients to the boardroom
  • Boardroom Preparation & Set-up
  • Taking drinks orders 
  • Serving Tea and Coffee
  • Tea Tray set-up
  • Telephone etiquette
    • Answering the phone
    • Managing both calls and clients at the reception
    • Transferring calls
    • Dealing with irate clients
    • Tasking a message
    • Phonetic Alphabet
  • Email Etiquette 
    • Email structure
    • Subject lines
    • Professional language use
    • Greetings & Sign-offs
    • Email Do’s and Taboo’s

Tuition Fees



Open Class:

Price: R7950