Have you ever met someone that has the ability to navigate a room full of people with effortless ease while making every person feel they are important? Have you ever decided that you like someone before you have even met him or her without knowing why? Every individual possesses this potential deep within themselves and our courses provide you with the keys to unlock the skills that will help you feel confident and charming in any environment.


The School of Etiquette offers a diverse range of social etiquette training programmes that assist individuals in bridging their knowledge gap and helping them to feel more confident in any situation they may find themselves in.


These social etiquette training focuses on improving the individual in 3 particular areas- Behaviour, Conversation and Image.  Three areas refine the personal brand of each individual and help that person to connect and impress those people around them.


The skills learnt through our social etiquette training are not skills that one is born with, they are skills that have to be learnt and refined over time. Giving yourself the opportunity to learn these necessary skills offers you a chance to fast-track your growth, performance and relationship-building skills.


Our social etiquette training is facilitated by long-time experts in their respective fields, ensuring that you receive international, cutting-edge information.  In fact, The School of Etiquette invests so heavily in its’ own facilitators that it is a global leader in course content and diversity.


One of our testimonials illustrates this: “The level of content not only meets international standards but exceeds it. I want more!’


These social etiquette training range from 1-3 days.


Training can either be facilitated on a one-on-one basis or as part of a group training at one of our preferred training venues: Fairlawns Boutique Hotel or MESH Club.


The School of Etiquette’s training is fun, practical workshops where each individual is encouraged to get involved and learn through practical implementation.


In the words of Dale Carnegie, “Learning is an active process.  We learn by doing. Only knowledge that is used sticks in your mind.”- Dale Carnegie


Please feel free to peruse our variety of social etiquette courses for the best-suited course alternatively you may suggest topics and a course can be customised according to your needs.


In summary, our social courses are designed for people wanting to present a more saleable brand of themselves; captivate an audience with charm and charisma; know how to behave correctly in every situation; conduct themselves with confidence and ease, and leave others with a positive first and lasting impression. In these courses, you will be taught everything from first impressions, conversations, self-presentation and grooming through to dining skills.