Conversational Intelligence for Business


Voted as the best and most valuable workshop our participants have ever attended!!

Conversational Intelligence – How leaders build trust, and get extraordinary results.

Is your workplace filled with distrust, conflict or unhappiness?  

Do you have a high staff turnover?

Do you find that everyone talks over each other and not to each other?  

Do you sometimes think you need a culture change in your company?


Are you or one of your colleagues addicted to being right and as a result stifle the voices of your others so that they withdraw, become resistant and sceptical?

All business and social connections are based on relationships and the quality of our relationships are based on the conversations we have with those people. Bad conversations lead more often than not to bad outcomes whereas good conversations lead to beneficial and profitable outcomes.  

The quality of conversations affect personal and family relationships, company culture, productivity, sales and client retention.

Each one of us come from different backgrounds, families and companies where a pervading conversational culture has been created. However as we grow and change we may find that these conversational habits follows us and are often detrimental to our performance in new and changing relationships and environments.

Did you know that when you upset someone, or vice versa, with harsh words, anger, shouting or by instilling a sense of fear for the future, they retreat into protect mode triggering fight, flight, freeze or appease reactions.  Their ability to listen, perform productively, innovate new ideas and build trust is negatively impacted. They also become more entrenched in their point of view, play movies and make up stuff in their mind that is not true and become more sensitive.

Have you ever had this happen to you? Maybe this is happening to staff in your company?

Often we don’t even realise the impact on others but if you take an honest look around, you may see the answers are there in broken relationships, unspoken words, absent staff, lost clients and high staff turnover.

By acquiring the skills of conversational intelligence you will learn how your conversations impact those around you and with that knowledge you can then learn to shape your conversations to get the best results in family, social and business relationships. conversing with your staff, customers, suppliers and shareholders is the most important skill you can master in business, it improves every aspect of your business.

Amongst other skills participants learn how to have difficult conversations by taking the sting out of them, both for the speaker and listener, and improving these skills through frequent role play.

This is not merely a theoretical but deeply practical course in which the participants improve in front of their very eyes obtaining skills that they never even thought that they had.

This has been evaluated by the course participants as the best and most profitable workshop they have ever attended.

Organisations which have attended this course have seen huge increases in productivity and profits – and a much happier organisation!


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