Conversational Intelligence Masterclass


This seminar on Conversational Intelligence will transform your life!!!

Are you in a place of distrust, skepticism and resistance with your family?

Would you like to learn how to restore that trust leading to a happier, healthier family dynamic?

Do you sometimes wish you knew how to deal with an irate, know it all person who speaks in a derogatory, condescending manner and how to turn this from a negative to a positive situation?

Have you had a disagreement with a colleague at work and immediately feel angry and betrayed? Your body freezes up? You can’t find the words to respond?

Do you often have a bitter argument with your spouse or child… and… wonder how it started and how to fix it?

Often when starting a conversation with your spouse, children, boss, colleagues or clients things don’t go as planned?

In the blink of an eye you get ‘triggered’ causing you to go into ‘protect’ mode.

The result is you stop listening to each other, you become entrenched in your thinking and you can’t see the other’s point of view.

The reason for this is based on the chemistry in the brain where cortisol (the stress hormone) and adrenaline flood your brain creating fear and distrust and shutting down that part of the brain used for creating trust and feeling empathy.

So what started as a simple conversation ends with people withdrawing – or in a conflict situation with arguing, raised voices and people talking past each other and not with each other.

Consequently nothing is achieved.

In a team, collaboration and teamwork declines.

Performance and productivity plummets.

In personal relationships tears, fear, frustration, heartbreak, resentment and anger is the outcome.

The question you may ask is: Can I learn the skills to prevent this outcome by –

  • Finding out what ‘triggers’ me or others
  • Finding out how to prevent the ‘trigger’
  • Finding out how to move back into trust after being ‘triggered’.
  • Creating a relationship based on trust, inclusivity, collaboration and engagement.

This results in closer and more trusting relationships where each party feels safe to share their thoughts without fear of repercussion. Relationships improve, families rebuild and colleagues work better together.

Conversational Intelligence will teach you those conversational skills that will result in better relationships, greater communication and improved trust.

Better Relationships depend on Better Conversations. It all starts with your Conversations.


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