Kane Pretorius


Kane Pretorius

  • Kane Pretorius is an educator at The School of Etiquette.

Kane William Pretorius, started his training by completing his Business Etiquette Training Qualification at the age of 19 and after completing school, went on to study Economics at Monash University.

From there, He very soon realized that he enjoyed working with people, and after a few years of corporate experience decided to venture back to the world of public speaking and developing the social skills of people around him.

His many years of work experience and travels have convinced him of the importance of etiquette and civility in our everyday lives, as well as at our places of work. He is proud to say that he has practiced and lived his life, according to what he teaches.

Kane’s interests lie in human connection and social skills which reflect his passion and thorough knowledge of the subject.

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