The School of Etiquette is proud to announce that we are now offering Virtual Trainings and Pre-Recorded Online Trainings.

What is the difference between a Virtual Training and an Online Training?

A Virtual Training is a live training that is facilitated over Zoom or MS Teams.  You have a dedicated facilitator that will train you as if you were in a live training room.  There will be roleplays, Q & A’s and other practical exercises. With modern technology, it is now possible to fully emulate face-to-face trainings with great success!  Not only that but it is extremely convenient as you can still attend the training from anywhere in the world, including your home, your office or a holiday destination. No longer are you shackled by borders, accommodation costs or far away places!

All of The School of Etiquette’s courses can be hosted virtually although we would still encourage you to attend the esteemed Adult Finishing School and International Diplomacy and Protocol Masterclass at one of our face-to-face trainings to receive the full six star treatment.

Please enquire with us for more information on your preferred courses.

An Online Training is a pre-recorded course that you or your staff can sign up for at any time and complete in your/their own time.  It is self managed, there are quizzes that require a 75% pass rate and downloadable certificates on completion of the course.  The online courses are hosted on two platforms namely, HURU LEARN and Udemy.

Check out our Online Courses:

The Social Brand of You – HURU LEARN

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Strategic Body Language- HURU LEARN

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International Diplomacy and Protocol- Udemy

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Interview Ace – HURU LEARN

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Professional Brand of You – HURU LEARN

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The Virtual Meeting Maestro – HURU LEARN

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(Should you wish to do this course, please kindly use this link always to sign up for the course.)