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Guiding Africa’s Next Generation (GANG)

The School of Etiquette offered GANG’s students the opportunity to learn about Business Behaviour and correct conduct in both the social world and the business world. Our children need to know the very fundamentals of social and business intercourse, without this knowledge they may be overlooked for a position that could support their livelihood and families purely because they have not learnt these necessary skills which are not taught at school.

The students were also given the opportunity to learn the Success Principles- how to get from where you are to where you want to be. Aiding them in their passion and drive to achieve and succeed at more in life.


Face of Eldorado Park
The purpose of this pageant is to uplift young girls in the community of Eldorado Park. This community has garnered a bad reputation for its high crime rate, unemployment, teenage pregnancy, and drug abuse. Face of Eldos is more than just a beauty pageant – our job is to show these young ladies that they have a bright future ahead of them. We want to groom them so that they may be an example to the younger generation.

Our purpose was to instil self-esteem and the power of goal setting in theses young ladies lives. Often the grand goal of creating a good life for oneself seems too far to achieve for individuals coming from a troubled background. The temptation to fall into an unfavourable lifestyle is much easier than to choose the higher ground due to peer pressures. We focused on teaching these young ladies how to set goals, take 100% responsibility for their lives and the steps to achieving this. When you realise that you are a powerful tool for changing your life, your purpose becomes unstoppable.

The feedback:
“Dear Mr. Carey,

I’ve probably said this a dozen times, but I have to say it once more – Thank you! The truth behind Face of Eldos is that we started out with 10 girls, and now we’re only left with 5. It’s really hard to watch their passion and determination die right before your eyes. For some reason they just lose hope in themselves, start making excuses, and just never show up again.

But after you left us on Saturday, I saw a visible change in the young ladies who have remained with us. They are excited about their futures again. You helped to re-ignite that flame. Not only have you inspired our girls to go after they want, but you’ve inspired me to aim even higher than I already am. The entire team left the school feeling so motivated.

It would be an honour for us to meet with Courtenay one day. From the few conversations I’ve had with her, I can tell that she is just as amazing as her dad. Warm regards to the entire Carey family.

Have a blessed evening,


Masibambane Intern Programme 
This Programme offers support to matrics at Masibambane College in Orange Farm to help them achieve the best matric results possible. Some candidates are then selected to receive full bursaries, to live and work at leading private schools as teacher interns (such as St John’s, Roedean, Kingsmead, St Mary’s and The Ridge) while studying part-time through UNISA. The purpose of the programme is to train the passionate and highly professional teachers that South Africa so sorely needs, as well as to offer the children from Orange Farm the opportunity of a sustainable career that allows them to become leaders in their own communities.

The School of Etiquette commenced training to assist the candidates to close the life-skill gap between being a school child in Orange Farm to working in a highly professional environment such as a private school. The students were trained in Business Etiquette and Social Intelligence to help them feel comfortable in any professional or social environment that is different to the upbringing. Often it is the fear of having never done something that controls one’s self-esteem knowing this we gave the students an opportunity and confidence to learn the correct skills so that they may feel comfortable when entering a new environment.

Midrand High School

The purpose of this training was to prepare the debutantes for their coming of age celebration and to instil in them the basic understanding of respect and dignity for themselves and those people around them.  We included dining, deportment, confidence and social interactions.


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