Are You Happy at Work?

After 30 years, I left the businesses that I started and worked at with both great success and some failure along the way.

Which knife? Which fork?

Anyone who’s been at a fine dining business meal knows that it can be extremely stressful, not only are you trying to negotiate a deal or strengthen a relationship but you’re also having...

What is your life’s purpose?

What do we mean by this – it’s doing what we love to do and doing what we’re good at. In SA today this is a luxury that most of us cannot think about.

10 Ways To Prepare For An Interview

Interviews always seem to be hair-raising. Nerves handicap your ability to express your authentic self and actually shut down your creative and learning centres.


You may ask what self-esteem has to do with etiquette? The answer is everything. Whatever happens externally in your life first happens internally. When you have self belief and self-assurance,...