Captivating Speaker (Johannesburg – Virtual Course)

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In this course you will learn the following:

  • How to make an entrance onto a stage
  • Start your speeches with interesting stories that pull your audience in immediately and put you at ease
  • The Power of the simple Pause
  • Vocal Changes that create interesting stories
  • Your Audience Eye Contact
  • World-class speaking structure
  • How to pitch ideas so that people want to listen
  • Body language to convey ideas and control an audience
  • Stories to resonate with your audience
  • How to create a winning first impression on stage, and in the boardroom
  • Enclothed cognition and dressing for public speaking dominance
  • And lastly, how to become the most important person in the room

Start Time

8:00 am

16 September 2023

Finish Time

11:00 pm

17 September 2023



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