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Public Speaking

Are you terrified of stammering or going blank in front of people?

Do you find that people ‘zone’ out when you start talking?

Are you interested in pursuing a career in facilitating trainings or public speaking?

Do you have great ideas, but struggle to convey them when in front of a group of people?

Do you want to become an engaging public speaker and have people eating out of the palm of your hand?

It can be frustrating knowing that you can make a difference and inspire others if only people would listen to you.

Public speaking is one of the most fundamental skills attributed to your success in life. Unfortunately few people ever fully develop this unique skill, and without it, people will ignore your ideas and forget who you are. Without this skill you miss out on a lifetime of potential opportunities.


Do you want:

Stand up in front of a group of people and speak with confidence without stammering?

Become a facilitator, lecturer, teacher?

Give the best presentations in your company and win more business?

Speak in a lively, convincing way?

Engage people in your words within a couple of seconds?

People to buy into your personal brand, the brand of you?

Quickly establish yourself as an authority in the room and have people eating out of the palm of your hand?


An interesting fact:

More people fear death then they fear public speaking.

Needless to say, public speaking in its many forms is usually an overwhelming and nerve wracking affair. Most people struggle to do it for fear of messing up, going blank or worrying what people may think of them.

However what most people don’t realise is that there are some very easy tweeks and skills that you can implement almost immediately that will have audiences or groups of people eating out of the palm of your hand.

This course helps you become more engaging in social group situations, presentations, speeches, teaching and facilitating workshops.


If you want to become:



Confident in front of people,

create real impact with your words,

motivate an audience to take action and hang on your every word,

A facilitator and teach people, and

An incredible public speaker.


Then try our Two Day Speaker/Presenters  Masterclass


In this course you will learn the following:

  • How to make an entrance onto a stage.
  • Start your speeches with interesting stories that pull your audience in immediately and put you at ease.
  • The Power of the simple Pause.
  • Vocal Changes that create interesting stories.
  • Your Audience Eye Contact.
  • World class speaking structure.
  • How to pitch ideas so that people want to listen.
  • Body language to convey ideas and control an audience.
  • Stories to resonate with your audience.
  • How to create a winning first impression on stage, and in the boardroom.
  • Enclothed cognition and dressing for public speaking dominance.
  • And lastly, how to become the most important person in the room.


Let us show you how to use your words, tone and body language to inspire others, grow your influence and most importantly become a world-class speaker.

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