Tailor-Made Course

Corporate Etiquette

Research has shown that a company’s culture – its personality, it’s DNA – is the greatest predictor of long-term sustainability.

Its culture derives from the leadership in particular and the employees of the organization.

Just as an individual may be lacking in certain character and personality traits or soft skills which may be improved with the correct knowledge and training – so can an organisation’s.

The School of Etiquette, Africa’s leading etiquette school, will conduct a free assessment to discover where your organization can improve its soft skills – it’s very culture in the areas of –

  • Hospitality & Service
  • Truly Human Leadership and Workplace Happiness
  • Communication
  • Professional Poise and Behaviour and Corporate Etiquette;
  • Workplace Assimilation
  • International Diplomacy
  • Customer Service

This will enhance your brand and improve your relationships with team members, clients, suppliers, shareholders, the community and investors.

In short it will give you the edge ensuring higher turnover and better profits.