Leading Women’s Masterclass

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Welcome to the Leading Women’s Masterclass Part 2- Empowered Communication Series

Empowered Communication is a live virtual series that will give you the communication skills to

Repair relationships where communication has broken down
build trust where trust is yet to be earned
Build credibility and following as a transformational leader
And build the confidence to have the difficult conversations you continuously avoid

Sign up for this life enhancing 6 week series and join a community of women for 90 minutes each week, learning together how to improve the quality of your relationships through the quality of your communication.

It is no secret that COVID has impacted the quality of our relationships.

In the Empowered Communication series you will learn new communication techniques to deal better with the current times and the effect it has had on all your relationships whether personal or professional.

Remove friction in the home and office, reduce your anxiety and learn a new framework to communicate better in all of your relationships.

In the Empowered Communication Series will learn how to:-

  • Redirect arguments to positive outcomes
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Understand the unspoken feelings of the other person
  • Restore relationships
  • Confidently address uncomfortable topics
  • (Re)Build trust and influence
  • Give feedback that empowers the other person instead of minimizes them
  • Have challenging conversations that leave you both feeling respected and happy
  • Break the pattern that results in the same circular arguments

Whether you are looking to understand and resolve conflicts with ease, improve your relationship with your partner and kids, or increase your level of influence amongst your colleagues, clients and friends, the Empowered Communication series will give you the knowledge and confidence to action more positive outcomes in your life.  Where you become the master of your destiny instead of the victim.

Part of being a leading woman is the power to communicate skills, to unlock hidden abilities in others, express the parts of yourself you have been afraid to show and encourage others to be truly themselves.

The course will take place every Wednesday from 18:00-19:30 SAT for 6 weeks.  The course will take place over Zoom and a link will be shared with you each week. Should you not be able to make one or all of your sessions, you will still be sent the recording ensuring that you stay up to date on all the information shared.

The beauty of the Empowered Communication series is that you will embark on this life enhancing 6 week journey with the same women, learning and sharing together.

There are different pricing options to assist you with whichever payment method suits you:

Option 1: Early Bird Special (runs until 10 July 2021)

R3 500-00 ex Vat

Option 2: Once Off Full Price

R4 400-00 ex Vat

Option 3: Monthly Payments

Upfront: R1 500-00 ex Vat

30 July: R1 500-00 ex Vat

27 August: R1 500-00 ex Vat