International Business Etiquette

Corporate Etiquette

Do you want to feel more confident in a professional environment by elevating your professional IQ?

Do you want to learn how to be more successful in business interactions and negotiations?

Are you looking to better prepare yourself for Workplace Readiness?

Perhaps you want to discover an edge to raise your sales margins?

Do you want to learn how to get along with anyone, and in turn increase your income?

In today’s world many people may possess the intelligence and technical ability but lack the social intelligence to highlight it.

In a study done by Harvard University, The Carnegie Foundation and the Stanford Research Institute all three found that:

  • 85% of job success relating to getting, keeping and advancing in a job is connected to your people skills – your ability to communicate effectively; work effectively in teams; collaborate and develop relationships
  • 15% is attributed to your technical knowledge and skill.

If you do not have the necessary people skills and confidence to highlight your intelligence, all your schooling and continued education can amount to nothing, since you will forever be overlooked. Your success in life is inextricably linked to your soft skills and without these necessary skills, your potential for greatness is lost on your inability to interact in the correct and professional manner.

As Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage.” You are always on show and your soft skills define you. To have the self-confidence to know you are in control and doing the right thing gives you the opportunity to showcase your true authenticity and knowledge. Competitors may have the same technical knowledge; you can have that additional competitive edge, the ‘X’ factor, that wins you the business.

In every interaction in life, you sell yourself, your company and your product. Every interaction in life is effectively an interview and an opportunity to sell yourself. This corporate training ensures that you leave the course with all the need-to-know skills for your success.

According to a study done by Dress for Success guru John Malloy, 99% of executives said that social skills were prerequisites for succeeding in business and social life.

In fact, your social and interpersonal skills are are fundamental in any workplace place readiness programme.

In this exciting and stimulating course, you will discover the connection skills necessary to create a life of your own design rather than a life based on circumstance. Skills that are necessary to get ahead in life whether you are entering the business world, in sales, management or as an executive.

This corporate training will teach you about Professional Behaviour and expected Business Etiquette- the expectations governing email etiquette, meeting etiquette and professional etiquette amongst many other things which will catapult you ahead of the competition and define you as the expert in your field.

What you will learn in this Corporate Training:

  • Distinguish Yourself from the competition
  • Control your Professional Impression and Impact
  • The Qualities of Professional Presence and Appeal
  • Body Language Interpretation and Strategic use of Body Language
  • Professional Entrances that control the First Impression
  • Scientifically Proven Rapport Building Techniques that Help People like you in Seconds
  • Eye Contact, Culture & Signals
  • Preparing for Greater Impact at Meetings or Events
  • Hosting and Attending Hard Hitting Meetings
  • Networking Mastery
  • The Professional Handshake
  • Cultural Etiquette and How to Handle this
  • Electronic Communication Etiquette – Telephone, Cell Phone and Email Etiquette

Improve your:

  • Mingling Proficiency
  • Sales Figures
  • Social Skills
  • Meeting formats
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Electronic Etiquette
  • and much more

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