Adult Finishing School

Social Etiquette

Adult Finishing School: South Africa’s premier course in adult development and refinement.

The Adult Finishing School is Africa’s most prestigious adult development course, teaching individuals strategic high level human behaviour to help them increase their social and financial success.

“Had I known this information when I was 19, I would have retired a billionaire at 30.’ South African Economist, wished to remain anonymous.

The 3 day Adult Finishing School equips adults with the contextual understanding and confidence to walk into any room with presence and power, giving them the personal insight to not only determine their desired  outcome but to achieve it with precision and effortless ease.

This course is not about sitting up straight and saying your ‘pleases’ and ‘thank you’s’. This is a strategic masterclass that equips, no, empowers you to climb higher, expect better and achieve more.

This course is designed for the captains of industry, the self starter, the shy person who has forever been overlooked, the new graduate who wants to get ahead of the rest, the person who believes that they are destined for more and are looking for the roadmap.

“Every person alive should undergo something like this at least once and the earlier the better.’ Dr N. Ngcobo

Have you ever met someone that has the ability to navigate a room full of people with effortless ease while making every individual feel they are important? Have you ever decided that you like someone even before you have met him or her without knowing why? Every individual possesses this potential deep within themselves and this course provides you with the keys to unlock this special skill.

Most of your financial success and personal fulfilment is derived from your relationships- the relationship with yourself and with other people. Come learn how to liberate yourself from yourself and in turn better connect with people around you, conducting yourself with certainty and self belief.


The masterclass covers the topics noted below, as well as many more:

Day 1:

  • The Qualities of Presence
  • Self-Esteem
  • Strategic Body Language interpretation
  • Create a Winning First Impression that Immediately Magnetises People towards you
  • How to make a Memorable Entrance into the Room
  • Preparation & Strategy for Meetings
  • Handling the Boardroom with Authority
  • Elevator Pitch- Introduce what you do in Inspiring Ways
  • The Art of Mingling
  • How to Confidently Network any Event like a Pro
  • The Skill of Making People like you
  • How to make Introductions
  • The Secret to Small talk with anyone
  • Enter and Exit Conversations with ease
  • Electronic Communication Etiquette

Day 2:

  • The Powerful Effect of Correct Deportment- Standing postures, walking, sitting and more
  • Professional Make-Up Course (Women)
  • Male Grooming
  • Suit Education and Fitting
  • The Event of High Tea
  • Practical Roleplaying

Day 3:

  • Home Entertaining
  • Business and client entertaining
  • Wine Appreciation
  • Cutlery navigation and set-up
  • Receiving Lines
  • Dining Do’s and Don’ts
  • Five Course Fine Dining Meal

And much more…

Charm is the ability to make someone think that both of you are quite wonderful – Anonymous

PRICE : R15 950,00 (Excluding VAT)


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