Executives Finishing School

Corporate Etiquette / Social Etiquette

Have you ever met someone that has the ability to navigate a room full of people with effortless ease while making every individual feel they are important? Have you ever decided that you like someone even before you have met him or her without knowing why? Every individual possesses this potential deep within themselves and this course provides you with the keys to unlock this business skill.

This 3 day intensive workshop will provide you with all the necessary skills to handle yourself with confidence, class and charisma at any event you find yourself in. Learn how to exude charm in each and every situation. From the minute you step outside your door and into the business world, people are already making judgements about you.

People will always have some idea about you, true or not, about how well educated you are; what your economic status and family heritage is; how successful you are at that very moment and of course the bottom line, whether they like you or not.

Because people buy from those whom they know, like and trust, everyday you are invariably selling yourself, your knowledge and your experiences to position yourself, your company and your country for greatness.

Focus on learning social graces and upper class cultural rites as preparation for entry into the international business arena.


This course includes the following:

Day 1:

  • Social Intelligence
  • Business Etiquette
  • Self-esteem
  • The importance of Understanding Body Language
  • Building Rapport
  • The right amount of eye contact
  • Preparing for an event
  • Making an entrance
  • Meeting strangers
  • Conversation starters
  • Small Talk
  • Correct Protocol for introductions
  • Dealing with Unhappy people
  • Electronic Etiquette

Day 2:

  • Deportment- how to sit, stand, walk, take your seat
  • Professional Make-up Course (women)
  • Male Grooming  (men)
  • Dressing for the Occasion
  • High Tea Etiquette

Day 3:

  • Home Entertaining
  • Business Entertaining
  • Business meetings over the table
  • Where to seat everyone
  • Taking your seat
  • Ordering meals and hospitality limits
  • Cutlery placement
  • Setting the table
  • Do’s and don’ts of dining
  • Home entertaining
  • Wine tasting and etiquette
  • This includes a 5 course fine dining meal paired with wine


Price: R15 950,00 (Excluding VAT) per person (Group bookings subject to discount)