Business/Social Entertaining and Dining

Corporate Etiquette

Eating is not an executive skill… but it is especially hard to imagine why anyone negotiating a rise to the top would consider it possible to skip mastering these very simple requirements… what else did they skip? – Fortune 500 CEO

Business dining can be a hair-raising event in and of itself without being fearful of embarrassing yourself or your company. This 4 hour dining and table etiquette tutorial includes a 5 course meal. It is designed to teach you simple yet effective skills that ensure a flawless performance while remaining poised, confident and professional at even the most intimidating tables.

Dress for Success guru, John Malloy found in his research that most business executives agree that handling oneself at a cocktail party or the dinner table is at least as important as handling oneself skillfully in a boardroom.

This corporate training is for the executive who wishes to improve his or her business dining etiquette to ensure a seamless business and dining experience for all those involved.

This interactive half-day corporate training covers the following topics:

  • Business Entertaining
  • Invitations
  • Receiving Lines
  • Host and Guest Duties
  • Protocol for Ordering, Seating and Paying
  • Toasting
  • Host and Guest of Honor Duties
  • Wining Etiquette
  • Table Setting
  • How to Make Small Talk
  • Dining Do’s and Don’ts
  • As well as many more

Optional Add-on: Whisky, cognac, cigar and wine pairing (full day course)

PRICE : R5 950,00 (Excluding Vat)


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