What is a Workplace Readiness Programme, and why is it necessary?

Are your interns, candidates and graduates suffering from a lack of professional exposure, limited knowledge of the business environment and underdeveloped interpersonal or soft skills? Are they in need of attending a Workplace Readiness programme?

Studies have been done that show that 85% of a company’s success lies with it’s employees’ ability to collaborate, work in teams, communicate effectively and build relationships. In other words their social and interpersonal skills. 

Workplace Readiness Programmes are specifically designed to empower younger, inexperienced candidates with these commonly expected skills that employers seek from world class candidates. Essentially creating a bridge between the time one takes to naturally learn from experience on the job, to receiving instruction before hand, and not making the same mistakes. Workplace Readiness programs effectively give the candidate a head start. 

A Workplace Readiness Programme offers a set of skills and behaviors that are necessary for the candidate to achieve success in their chosen field. These abilities help the candidates to learn how to interact with supervisors, co-workers and clients and navigate the corporate environment with ease and confidence. Workplace Readiness programmes reinforce the importance of behavioral professionalism and soft skills thus building an understanding of the impact our conduct and behaviour has on others. This raises awareness as to how important their social conduct is in their overall career success. 

Candidates who can communicate effectively and act professionally, have a far greater chance of being shortlisted, selected and made permanent employees. No matter what technical skills a job may require, every job requires candidates with good social and professional interpersonal skills.

Workplace Readiness Programmes offer a great means for organisations to groom and prepare first-time candidates into the specific positions within the workplace, and provide a solid foundation for career success. 

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