Behaviors Forbidden in Public

We have all been there, experienced someone using all the baritone in their voice to propel a massive belch across the room. Or someone using their napkin or car key to clean their ears in a restaurant. Yes, absolutely preposterous!

This behaviour is clearly unacceptable, and most of us have been brought up to avoid doing such things in public.

However there are a few short falls even the most distinguished lady or gentlemen, lets slip every once in a while.

Therefore we have compiled a short list of the most common behaviours that are forbidden in public:

  1. Nose Blowing – Should be done in the restroom. If it’s in public, try to keep the noise to a minimum, and for goodness sake, no inspecting the tissue afterward.
  2. Scratching – Quickly if you must, and no inspecting the nails when you’re done.
  3. Picking – Do not pick noses, teeth, scabs, feet or nails ever in public.
  4. Belching/burping- Yes, we all know these can be unavoidable at times, so do your best to hide it by bringing your fist to your mouth. Quickly followed by an, “Excuse me”
  5. Face Touching – Avoid fiddling with your face, it can be very distracting and viewed as unhygienic.
  6. Chewing Gum – Gum can be great for maintaining a fresh breath, however as with all your eating habits, keep it discreet, by not snapping, blowing, touching, spitting, popping and definitely not sticking it anywhere. Always dispose of it properly (in the bin!).
  7. Polluting- Throwing rubbish on to the ground is completely unacceptable. We have a beautiful planet and country that should be respected and protected, try your best to hold on t the rubbish until you find a bin.

You may think that you are lost in anonymity due to the number of people around you however there is always someone watching. This piece serves as a reminder to always be mindful of your behaviour in public, the world is far too small for such mishaps to be recorded in the minds of those people around you.


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