Four Ways to Make a lasting Impression at an Interview

An interview can be very stressful because you’re usually left wondering what kind of an impression you have left on the interviewer.

The main elements required to make a good impression in an interview are: Dress professionally and appropriately for the interview, Shake the employers hand at the beginning of the interview, practice answering tough questions before you get to the interview, and ask good questions at the end of the interview.

One of the most important factors for making a good impression at an interview is to dress for success. Appearance affects hiring decisions and plays a major role. In fact 93% of a first impression is non-verbal. Wearing a suit is generally the preference for ladies and gents.

Ladies should wear a navy, black or grey business suit preferably with pants or an appropriate skirt. Whilst gentlemen should wear a two-piece, two-button business suit either in navy, black or blue complimented by an appropriate tie.

Remember that you want to create a lasting impression on the interviewers, while still remaining professional. They need to be able to visualise you in that position they are trying to fill.

Another vital step that most candidates tend to neglect is to practise interview questions before hand. A great exercise would be to google a couple of frequently asked interview questions and make sure you can answer them confidently. It is also a great idea to work with a colleague or friend to anticipate the toughest questions you will be asked, and practice them through role playing.

This brings me to my next tip, research the company that will be interviewing you. Know the role you will be applying for and prepare questions of your own. Generally at the end of an interview the Interviewer will ask you whether you have any questions of your own, so come prepared. This is a fantastic time to display your enthusiasm for the role and show the interviewer that you have prepared for the interviewer.

The last tip I am glad to impart with is confidence. In preparation slightly before the interview it helps to do power posing and breathing exercises to help you relax and keep you mentally on top of your game. There have been numerous studies conducted into the power posing techniques and their ability to boost testosterone levels within the body.

A great trick is to make your body as large as possible in the waiting area. Don’t close up, spread out or stand with your legs apart and hands on your waist. If you can do this while monitoring your breathing, I have no doubt you will be functioning with the utmost confidence in your interview.

Well, that sums up the four ways in which to make a good impression at an interview. While the above skills are essential, you can never be prepared enough for an interview. The best advice would be to keep learning, and keep reflecting on your past experiences.


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