E-Cigarettes: How the rules haven’t changed

With e-cigarette sales surpassing $1.7 billion in 2013 and it becoming an ever popular alternative to smoking normal tobacco products, it begs the question, is this a healthy and acceptable alternative to smoking in public?

In short, just because you are exhaling harmless water vapor, it does not mean you need to advertise your new-found freedom and force your habit on others. Despite the fact that it does smell better than regular tobacco smoke, it can still offend people in the same way bathing in cologne or perfume does. One is also concerned with the message it sends to children, although the e-cig is a healthier option, it is by no means a healthy option.

According to a study conducted by the TBEC Review, Generally 63% of people were not bothered by someone smoking an e-cig in the near vicinity of them. This figure however varied when people were quizzed on the location:

% Respondents approved of allowing e-cigarettes to be used at:

  1. 58% at sporting events
  2. 47% in malls
  3. 45% restaurants and bars
  4. 35% in an office
  5. 35% on public transportation
  6. 29% in a movie theater
  7. % on an airplane

Although these stats show a slightly more positive view on e-cigs one needs to keep in mind that the general public is still unhappy about the vapor being released into their air in public places.

Understanding this fact, we are therefore bound by the rules of polite social intercourse to be aware of the time and place we choose to imbibe in our little pleasure.

Below are a couple of Do’s and Don’ts for vaping

  • Don’t vape where people can see you on planes, trains, or subways
  • Don’t EVER exhale vapor in someone’s face.
  • Don’t vape in front of children. No one should ever encourage children to smoke.
  • Do exhale a moderate mist of vapor in public locations where vaping is permitted – anything more than that and you’ll prove to be a distracting, obnoxious human being.
  • Do ask before you vape in public – if someone is within a two-metre radius of you, ask them before you start vaping.Concluding with a direct quote from Damien Scott, commercial director of Skycig, who advises people to use their discretion with their e-cigarettes. “They’re not covered by the smoking ban. But use your discretion in public places. In enclosed spaces you should ask permission first so that you’re not exhaling vapour everywhere.” Be smart and be courteous when vaping in public and always remember as a general rule of thumb, don’t vape where you can’t smoke!

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