SETA Accredited Courses

The School of Etiquette is proud to share with you that our courses are now SETA accredited through our parent company, Added Vantage Pty Ltd. 


What does this mean if I am a company owner or in Learning and Development?

This means that if you spend 6% of your payroll on SETA Accredited trainings through SETA accredited training providers for Previously Disadvantaged Individuals, you can improve your BEEE scorecard rating.  You can also receive money back from the government in the form of a Mandatory Grant.


How does the Mandatory Grant work for SETA Accredited Courses?

Your company pays 1% of its payroll to a Skills Development Levy. This amount is paid to SARS, SARS then pays 80% of this amount to SETA.  If you fulfill SETA’s requirements, they will reimburses you back 20% of that amount in mandatory Grant


Which SETA is Added Vantage Pty Ltd accredited through?

Services SETA

Accreditation Number: 12457


Which Course is SETA Accredited?

Business Etiquette and Social Intelligence.

If however you would like to do another course that is SETA accredited, we can simply combine the Business Etiquette course with any of our other courses, you will still receive that accreditation.

You can now feel rest assured that we have been externally validated and a serious-about-quality training provider.