Etiquette Knowledge

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1) How much eye contact should be made in general:
2) When you break eye contact, you should
3) How long does it take for a person to make a judgement about you?
4) If it is a bad first impression it can take ______ subsequent meetings to change that first impression.
5) Is it alright to remain seated when being introduced to someone?
6) How much importance is placed on body language in human communication?
7) Is it okay for a Gentleman to remove his jacket at dinner or in a meeting?
8) When should one send a thank-you note?
9) Is it okay to pull out your business colleagues chair for them?
10) Is it okay to hold open the door for a business colleague?
11) Is it acceptable to sit with your legs crossed in a business setting regardless of gender?
12) Is it acceptable to ask for a to-go box after a business luncheon?
13) What should you never do at a business luncheon?
14) Where should a gentleman not position himself when walking with a lady up stairs?
15) When should you begin eating at dinner?
16) When should you hand out business cards at a meeting?
17) When receiving a business card, what should you not do?
18) If you scheduled a meeting 3 - 4 weeks from the current date, when should you re-confirm the meeting?
19) If you are a man how should you greet muslim women during the month of ramadhan?
20) Using two hands to shake someone’s hand is acceptable when you are really pleased to meet that person.
21) When is it acceptable to shake hands with someone across a table
22) You need only shake hands when you greet someone in a group conversation, you do not have to shake their hand when you leave a group of people chatting?
23) Standing with your arms crossed when you are talking to someone is acceptable?
24) Where should a lady carry a handbag in a professional setting?
25) During a meeting on a hot day, a gentleman may
26) When inviting someone to a meal:
27) When you attend an event with people you do not know, you should
28) When someone asks you what you do, you should say:
29) As a woman in business you are allowed to stay seated when saying goodbye to someone in a professional setting?
30) If you are a guest visiting a client and you are shown to the boardroom:
31) During a business call, it is not acceptable to place that person on hold in order to answer another important call coming through?
32) Which of the following is unacceptable as an email greeting?
33) When attending a meeting you should arrive:
34) A person has a distinct advantage if they:
35) Business meetings do not always need to end with a handshake?
36) People do business with people:
37) Rapport with a person is built when you:
38) When joining a group of strangers, you should:
39) When entering a room of strangers, you should
40) When introducing two people in business, whose name is spoken first: