International Diplomacy and Protocol Advanced Masterclass

Corporate Etiquette

Do you interact with international governments, diplomatic/consular staff, trade missions or high level corporate executives?

If so, are you observing the correct behaviour and protocols that will facilitate those interactions to a successful conclusion.

In The School of Etiquette intensive 3 day International Diplomacy and Protocol Advanced Masterclass you will learn –

– The art of International and Corporate Diplomacy
– How to create an environment where you are aware of your role and responsibilities thereby reducing your anxiety when dealing with VIPs
– How to create a safe environment for fostering and facilitating your relationships.

We are aware that in dealings between countries or companies and countries the stakes are extremely high and the margins for rifts and errors are catastrophic, if not handled correctly.

In fact without protocol the potential for catastrophic errors and misunderstandings weighs heavily on the shoulders of those responsible.

A thorough knowledge of protocol is thus an indispensable skill for the proper handling of VIPs and for safeguarding the country/organisation’s reputation.

Corporate and Diplomatic Protocol therefore –

– Helps you create a conducive environment for the initiation and fostering of good relations between countries or organisations and countries.
– trains you to ensure everything appears effortless and unplanned when in fact every movement is trained, planned and practiced.

Who Should attend?

  • national government officials
  • international organisations staff
  • practicing diplomats, civil servants, and those who wish to refresh or expand their knowledge of international protocol
  • corporate/business executives
  • diplomatic/government protocol officers
  • PR consultants
  • meeting and special events professional/consultants,
  • corporate executives and managers
  • international and regional organizations staff, NGO staff
  • executive/legal administrative professionals
  • human relations professionals
  • global entrepreneurs
  • journalists
  • interpreters
  • those who wish to improve their understanding of international protocol and those whose profession requires communicating and socializing in the global marketplace.

Benefits of Course

  • Confidence when meeting VIP’s
  • Enhanced professional image
  • Enhanced personal brand
  • Mastering international protocol and personal diplomacy
  • Confidence when attending business and social events
  • Understanding business entertaining and dining
  • Communication excellence
  • Ability to work in cross-cultural environments

Day 1

Protocol Officer Responsibilties
Hosting International Visits
Precedence and Seating Protocol
Flag Protocol
Hanging of Official Photographs
Styles and titles of address
Invitations and Reminders
Conference Planning

Day 2

Personal Branding
Body Language
Building Rapport
Small Talk at high level events
Improving Mingling Proficiency
Business Communications
Art of Networking
Conversational Intelligence

Day 3

Professional Image
Understanding Formal Dress codes
Business Entertaining
Dining and Wining Etiquette

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