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Corporate Etiquette / Social Etiquette

Are you trying to find ways to improve your social status?

Have you been searching for ways to reduce your social anxiety and become more confident?

Have you always dreamt of being the most memorable person in a room, but never known how to make a lasting good impression?

Do you want to know the secret to what gives celebrities their charm and charisma in front of others?

Perhaps you’ve wanted to know how to grow your success in business, and outshine your competitors?

The School of Etiquette is now hosting it’s world renowned Finishing School in Cape Town, South Africa.

This Finishing School will fast track your path to greater success by showing you how to behave in every situation.  Never again will you feel uncomfortable or unsure.  After attending this course you will reflect class, professionalism and confidence.

Social refinement improves both your popularity and your business success since all relationships come down to how you get along with people and the image that you create in the eyes of others.


This course has been specifically designed for people:-

  • Wanting to present a more saleable brand of themselves;
  • Elevate their social status;
  • Captivate an audience with charm and charisma;
  • Exercise impeccable manners and etiquette at all times;
  • Conduct themselves with confidence and ease;
  • and Leave others with a positive and lasting impression.


In this course you will be taught everything from first impressions, conversation, self- presentation and grooming through to dining skills.

Day 1:

  • Build self-esteem for a solid foundation
  • Body Language that Exudes Competence and Confidence
  • Understanding the subtleties of nonverbal communication
  • Build Rapport to Make Yourself Likeable
  • Eye Contact that says Trust Me
  • Eye Movement and Signals
  • How to Make an Entrance with Poise and Presence
  • Networking to Win Influence and Increase Sales
  • Professional Elevator Pitches and Introductions
  • Shake Hands to Announce Presence and Stature
  • How to Gracefully and Skillfully Enter a Conversation
  • What Subjects to Talk About and Those to Avoid
  • How to Exit a Conversation without Causing Offence
  • Boardroom & Meeting Etiquette
  • Email, Telephone and Cellphone etiquette

Day 2:

  • Deportment- how to walk, sit and stand correctly
  • Tea Etiquette
  • Understanding Image and Dress Codes
  • Image: how to dress for your personality, style and body type.
  • Understanding dress codes
  • Dining Skills- 5 course fine dining meal included
  • Host and Guest Duties
  • Entertaining Clients
  • Dining tutorial
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Entertaining at your Home


Do you want to stop living a life controlled by circumstance and chance, and start living a life of your own design?

Price: R 15 950-00

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